Thursday, August 4, 2011

A busy summer of traveling: East Coast edition

The first week of July my mother's side of the family rented out a house in Kill Devil Hill's - over the course of the week, over 20 people stayed there!  If you want to get in some good quality family time - this definitely seems to be a fun way to do it - rent out a giant house and just pile everyone in!  Each family took a night of the week to make dinner, saving tons of money on eating out (although it does mean I have zero restaurant recs!).  It was also quite hot in July - the northern relatives were feeling a bit melty, while us southerners poo-poohed their complaints :)  But overall - definitely a memorable week and something I want to do again in the future - whether with family or friends!

Wild Horses on Corolla! (while they are "wild" - they seemed pretty tame...)

our home for the week!

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - always a must see while at the OBX

Sunrise our last full day there!

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