Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding Planning Tools from Google

For any of you out there currently wedding planning - Google Docs is now offering a suite of wedding planning tools and templates. Go here to check it out!

The husband and I used Google Docs a LOT when planning our wedding last year - it was much easier to access while not at home and made it easy to keep up with the changes each of us was making. I would have loved these easy to use templates though! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy Valentine's Day Weekend!

It appears that I am not destined to post during the week! School/work/applying for post-graduation jobs is just keeping me too busy.

But I had a great weekend and got to try out three places (some new to the area, some have been here for years - I just hadn't made it to them yet) in Chapel Hill and Raleigh. And I got a snazzy business suit for some upcoming job interviews! :) So all in all a good weekend.

On Saturday night the husband and I met up with two good friends at Isaac Hunter's Taven in downtown Raleigh. It's located on Fayetteville St. - right by the Capitol. It opened late last fall and I've been wanting to check it out for a while. It's name is inspired by the original tavern located where Raleigh now is and reportedly it was there that the politicians decided to put the state capitol in Raleigh (back in the early 1790s!). We had a great time -the bar is much bigger than you'd think when you first walked in and we particularly loved that they had a shuffleboard, darts, fussball and a Wii set up to play with! My husband likes having something to do at the bar other than just sitting and we happily had a small wii bowling tournament among the four of us! Check out the website here! I tried a Cherry Bounce drink - which supposedly would have been served at the original Tavern. It was pretty tasty :) The Raleigh Connoisseur discusses the drink a bit more here if you're interested!

On Sunday - after coming home from church to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolates from my wonderful husband! we headed to Chapel Hill for brunch. We ended up going to Ye Olde Waffle House - which I've walked past many times on Franklin St. but never gone to. It was quite good - I had the french toast which was quite good and husband got the Big Omelet which he liked. Overall we really enjoyed it but there was less quantity than we got at Elmo's the week before (and no coffee while we waited!). But I'm glad we finally got there. The Waffle Shoppe has no website but it's on Franklin St. right next to Four Corners.

We also checked out Caffe Driade Sunday afternoon - husband is very into coffee and has been wanting to try it out for a while. It was a really fun place - tucked away in the woods - and our cappacinos were delicious :) It seems like the perfect place to chat or get some serious studying/schoolwork done!

Oh gosh this was a text heavy post - I need to start taking pictures when we go places! I'll do better I promise!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Elmo's Diner

photo from: www.durhamphotos.wordpress.com

This morning the husband and I had brunch at Elmo's Diner in Durham. I had had dinner at the one in Carrboro, but never gone to the one in Durham (or had breakfast at either!). I got pumpkin pancakes that were TO DIE FOR! The husband got an omelet that was filled with sausage and bacon - he somehow put it all away! We are already making plans to go back for dinner sometime soon.

If you want to check it the website is here: Elmo's Diner.
The one in Durham is on 9th St. and is fairly big - we only waited about 10 minutes on a Sat. morning for breakfast - and the best part was that they had a big pot of coffee at the front that you could grab some coffee while you wait!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Long Time, No Post

Ack - time has run away from me and it's been over a week since my last post! I've been quite busy since then so I thought a run down in pictures would be more exciting than words.

Over a week ago, one of my friends hosted a fabulous fondue party at her house - we were stuffed by the end:
And then a week later, one of my good friends and I went to Florida to visit another very good friend. We watched the sunset shortly after landing (she lives on the Gulf Coast):
Went to a tiki bar:

Went to the beach (it wasn't quiteee tanning weather):

Went to another tiki bar:

Saw lovely spanish moss and palmettos:

Played at an aquarium and was a turtle:

And had an all around great time!!! It was very fun to just get away and have a ladies weekend. We arrived back in NC on Monday - just missing all the crazy snow. But there was still tons at the airport when we landed - the husband was quite sad he got snowed in without me all weekend!